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Get the look

As we head fullspeed into the glam season – parties,formals,catch-ups with friends – good hair inspo gets lots of attention! So when Ms Nic Kidman arrived on the Emmy’s red carpet this week we were watching… She DID NOT disappoint. So elegant, so simple and so on-trend. Would we expect anything less from this fashion-forward … Continue reading Get the look


Katie Perry likes it , Nic Richie is at it, Rhianna can’t get enough, and those Kardashians are all over it! We are of course talking about hair colour and not the nice and normal kind. Colour – every colour of the rainbow – is on trend and the warmer weather is the perfect time … Continue reading Colour


BPLD may not be the acronym that rolls off the tongue – yet! But Bold Pink Lip Day has all the makings of a charity day we can really get behind. Pink Hope is a preventive health organisation working to ensure every individual can assess, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, … Continue reading BPLD

Going, going, BLONDE!

Blonde Inspo is everywhere. Long, short, sleek, boho and if you’re contemplating your summer look it can feel a little overwhelming. Getting the right blonde for you is more than googling blonde hair and fronting up to the hairdresser with a pic you like. Before getting started your hairdresser should sit down with you and … Continue reading Going, going, BLONDE!

The September Issue

Last week I decided to go blonde (this is the before picture). Because prior to that I had darkened up my roots and added a whole of lot of depth via foils my blonde dream was probably going to be a two-step process. No biggie. One of the great things about owning a hair salon … Continue reading The September Issue

Shine bright like a Diamond

  Kanye may have remixed RiRi’s hit song about shining brightly but it’s his beau Kim K who really knows a thing or two about shine. You’ll never see a pic of Kim without super shiny hair and it begs the question, HOW?  If you want to shine bright like those proverbial diamonds follow our … Continue reading Shine bright like a Diamond