BPLD may not be the acronym that rolls off the tongue – yet! But Bold Pink Lip Day has all the makings of a charity day we can really get behind.

Pink Hope is a preventive health organisation working to ensure every individual can assess, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing personalised support for at risk women.

And to raise awareness and some all important cash Pink Hope all you have to do is slap on some pink lippy and reach into your pockets.

Let’s be honest though, as fun as bold, pink lips are they can be a little daunting too right?

We are here to help!!

We checked in with our resident makeup artist, Ms Kat and begged her to tell us all her secrets.

Pro tip #1 Condition

Flakey, dry lips do not a good lippy application make so before you get to the colour apply a good-quality lip moistriser (Kat chooses lanolin every single time!) Then with a warm and soft cloth gently exfoliates the lips.

Pro tip #2 Nude lipstick pencil
Choose a waxy pencil and line the lips bringing the liner over onto the lip. The nude colour is important here.

Pro tip #3 Don’t apply colour over the outer line
Do not apply the lip all the way to the outer line of your drawn-on pencil line. You are aiming to keep the smallest of gaps between the colour and your skin. This will stop bleeds.

Pro tip #4 Use a straw
A straw is a must and keep some in your handbag whenever you are going for a bold lip. This will help keep the lipstick where it should be as well as make your colour last longer

Pro tip #5 Applications are a way of life
If you think you can get away without reapplying, think again. Bold lips need to me tendered to every few hours depending on what you have been doing with them – if you sit down to a bowl full of spaghetti or indulge in a cheeky snog with Chris Hemsworth lookalike maintenance will be needed.