Going, going, BLONDE!

Blonde Inspo is everywhere. Long, short, sleek, boho and if you’re contemplating your summer look it can feel a little overwhelming.

Getting the right blonde for you is more than googling blonde hair and fronting up to the hairdresser with a pic you like. Before getting started your hairdresser should sit down with you and discuss what you’re after and how best to achieve it.

Run a mile if your stylist doesn’t want to discuss the following:

1. Your hair condition. You may not be able to achieve what you want in one visit or your stylist may advise you to work on condition first. Make sure your hair is up to the treatment.

2. Your skin tone. Creamy, honey or caramel, blonde comes in more shades than Carrie Bradshaw has shoes and your stylist should be able to tell you which one will work best for you.

3. Affordibility. If you’re asking for platinum but you can only afford to visit the salon every six months your hair is going to look real awful, real fast. Your stylist should be able to tailor blonde to suit your budget and dido for maintenance. If you can’t afford blonde shampoos and treatments or haven’t got the time for it than blonde may not be for you and any stylist worth her curling wand will be telling you just that.

With all that in mind go forth and google blonde hair inspo because let’s face it those blondes, they do look like they are having some serious fun!!