Shine bright like a Diamond


Kanye may have remixed RiRi’s hit song about shining brightly but it’s his beau Kim K who really knows a thing or two about shine. You’ll never see a pic of Kim without super shiny hair and it begs the question, HOW?  If you want to shine bright like those proverbial diamonds follow our pro tips

#1 OLAPLEX weekly at-home treatments. And be sure add on OLAPLEX to salon services also.

#2 FLAT IRON Kim isn’t just rolling out of bed and putting her locks in a braid, she’s smoothing the hair with a flat iron before she styles. This is what gives her hair the conditioned look even when it’s curled.

#3 SHINE PRODUCT If a Kardashian knows anything its that you can achieve almost anything with the right products. We think Kim uses a base of an oil-based shine product like Wella SP Luxe oil and then pulls out the shine Spray to finish. We ❤️ Make Me Shine Spray Gloss by Eleven Australia.

So shine bright, tonight , we’re beautiful like diamonds I the sky…la,la,la.