The September Issue

Last week I decided to go blonde (this is the before picture).


Because prior to that I had darkened up my roots and added a whole of lot of depth via foils my blonde dream was probably going to be a two-step process. No biggie. One of the great things about owning a hair salon is that I can change my hair as often as I change my mind. So a lot.
Erin and I were chatting about my hair while I flipped through a mag – multi-tasking is awesome. While chatting we went off on a tangent about ways to recycle, save water and cut down on how much rubbish we generate.
I don’t know the exact point of the conversation where we decided to experiment. Neither of us can really recall who had the idea or how any of it happened. But within 15 minutes I was in the chair, The September Issue of Vogue was in bits, Mads was belting out her iconic tune and my blonde journey was underway.
Erin used a mixture of freehand balayage (to lighten the ends and blend) and a soft foil weave to lighten the roots. And she did it all without a strip of foil in sight.


We’ve decided to call this technique #theseptemberissue. Have you ever come up with a unique hair technique. Maybe one that saves money or time or both? Is it like ours and uses items you already have rather than filling up your shopping trolley and your home with more stuff?
We’d love to hear from you….