Headmistress / Boho Hair is a boutique hair salon located in Coorparoo, Brisbane. A tag team of two Wella Master Stylists, modern techniques and many years experience is changing the way we do hair. We aim to make those precious hours in the salon chair an experience. Whether it is a client’s chill out time, or their opportunity to learn everything they can about hair and how to best tailor that to their own life, we are listening and delivering. Every client recieves a thorough consultation taking into consideration budget, hair styling capability and lifestyle.
Our senior stylists are educators. We will let you know why and how every step of the way and we will show you how to make your hair look its best between visits. We offer regular FREE hair tutorials online and in salon as well as pro tips and hair hacks on all our social media pipes. We are also guest teachers at Queensland’s premier Hair Salon supplier, Norris. 

We use:

WELLA – for all colour – because its the best!

JUUCE – for thirsty hair – slurp!

PURE – 100% Organic Extracts – let’s save the bees!