We know great hair can be expensive and we know despite that great hair is really important! So here at Headmistress we are constantly thinking up ways to discount the products and services you need to look your best. Don’t forget to like our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for giveaways and competitions and remember to talk to your stylist about your budget next time you visit – we can work together to find a cost effective way forward.


We appreciate you choosing us time and again but we would rather show our appreciation than just say thank you! Let’s listen in on Headmistress chatting to a fabulous, loyal client… Headmistress: We so appreciate you entrusting your crowning glory to us Loyal, fabulous client (nodding) thinks to herself, yeah and you should reward me … Continue reading Loyalty

Student Discounts

Are you studying? Here at Headmistress we know real life isn’t like a TV show and if you are at school or university then a box of vino and some two minute noodles may be as far as the cash stretches. But we know just because you are neck deep in education doesn’t mean you … Continue reading Student Discounts


Stylist speaking with a loyal, fabulous client… Stylist: Tell one of your friends or family about us and when they visit we will give your friend or family membere 20% off  all services at their first visit. Loyal, fabulous client: That sounds really great, but as heart warming as it is to know my good friend … Continue reading Referrals