We appreciate you choosing us time and again but we would rather show our appreciation than just say thank you!

Let’s listen in on Headmistress chatting to a fabulous, loyal client…

Headmistress: We so appreciate you entrusting your crowning glory to us

Loyal, fabulous client (nodding) thinks to herself, yeah and you should reward me for it

Headmistress: We know and we will. Visit the salon six times and on the sixth visit you will receive 20% off services and 10% off products.

Loyal, fabulous client (looking shocked) first thinks did I say that out loud or did she just read my mind? Loyal, fabulous client then smiles.
Loyal, fabulous client: that sounds wonderful, thank you!

Headmistress: But wait, there’s more. You don’t have to carry around one of those loyalty cards, our client database will keep track of it for you and we’ll let you know when your sixth visit is coming up.

Loyal, fabulous client: Great, I always lose those damn things.

Headmistress: But wait, there’s more.

Loyal, fabulous client: No way?

Headmistress: Yes way. We love birthdays and celebrate all of our client’s by offering a complimentary blow-dry lesson and 50% off any of our heat protection products.

Loyal, fabulous client thinks to herself, is she serious?

Headmistress: (with a wink) yep, I’m serious (she then skips off to chat to other loyal, fabulous client